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Alice & James | Wedding

I don’t even know where to begin to tell you about how incredible it was to be a part of Alice & James’ wedding. One of those days where you make it to the end and pinch yourself that you were there. A day where traditions weren’t included for tradition’s sake. Every single thing that happened, happened for a reason and was perfectly personalised so the day was 100% uniquely them.

Alice & James were married at Currawong Reserve in Palm Beach, before a reception at the Avalon Sailing Club.

We started the day, getting ready at an incredible house in Clareville overlooking Pittwater…and the story continues as we work our way through the photographs.

Clareville Wedding Photographer: Bride's details Clareville Wedding Photographers: Bride's details Clareville Wedding Photography: Bride's details Modern Wedding Photographer: Bride's details Modern Wedding Photographers: Bouquets Modern Wedding Photography: Bouquets Timeless Wedding Photographer: Bride getting ready

That smile. All day!

Candid Wedding Photography: Bride getting ready Sydney Wedding Photography: Bride getting ready Timeless Wedding Photographers: Groom getting ready

I loved that they didn’t let gender get in the way of having their closest friends in the bridal party.

Timeless Wedding Photography: Groom getting ready Documentary Wedding Photographer: Groom getting ready

The ceremony space, looked absolutely incredible, thanks to Chasing Arrows!

Palm Beach Wedding Photographer: Ceremony details Palm Beach Wedding Photographers: Ceremony details Palm Beach Wedding Photography: Ceremony Currawong Reserve Wedding Photographer: Ceremony Currawong Reserve Wedding Photographers: Ceremony Northern Beaches Wedding Photographer: Ceremony Documentary Wedding Photographers: Ceremony Northern Beaches Wedding Photographers: Ceremony Documentary Wedding Photography: Ceremony

The day was packed full of thoughtful touches, including beginning the ceremony with an Acknowledgement of Country and little surprises like “Alice, you may kiss the groom!”

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography: Ceremony

Everyone should look this happy as they walk back down the aisle!

Currawong Reserve Wedding Photography: Ceremony Candid Wedding Photographer: Ceremony

After the ceremony, we stuck around Currawong Reserve for a some portraits, before moving on to the Palm Beach ferry wharf.

Currawong Reserve Palm Beach Wedding Photographer: Bridal party portraits Currawong Reserve Palm Beach Wedding Photographers: Bridal party portraits Currawong Reserve Palm Beach Wedding Photography: Bride & Groom portraits North Shore Wedding Photographer:Bride & Groom portraits Sydney Wedding Photographers: Bride & Groom portraits

The light was simply perfect all day, I was in heaven!!

Pittwater Wedding Photography: Bride & Groom portraits Fine Art Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom portraits Pittwater Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom portraitsPittwater Wedding Photographers: Bride & Groom portraits

James and Alice chartered ‘The Elvina’ to take us from Palm Beach to the Avalon Sailing Club for the reception, and it was so much more special than it appears at first. You see, James’ grandfather spent decades driving this exact ferry to and from Church Point. So it really was a wonderful and unique way to remember him.

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Reception arrival

Avalon Sailing Club Wedding Photographer: Reception arrival

Chasing Arrows did an absolutely brilliant job styling the reception.

Avalon Sailing Club Wedding Photographers: Reception details Avalon Sailing Club Wedding Photography: Reception details Avalon Wedding Photographer: Reception details Avalon Wedding Photographers: Reception details Avalon Wedding Photography: Reception

It seemed like everyone at the wedding could sing and/or play an instrument. So many talented friends!

North Shore Wedding Photographers: Reception

The perfect speech should be equal parts lovely, funny & embarrassing!

Candid Wedding Photographers: Reception Contemporary Wedding Photographer: Reception Fine Art Wedding Photographers: ReceptionContemporary Wedding Photography: Reception

When you completely tumble head over heels but recover like a boss because you’re fabulous :)

Relaxed Wedding Photographer: Dancefloor North Shore Wedding Photography: Dancefloor Fun Wedding Photographer: Dancefloor Fun Wedding Photographers: Dancefloor Fun Wedding Photography: Dancefloor Relaxed Wedding Photographers: Dancefloor NSW Wedding Photographers: Dancefloor Relaxed Wedding Photography: Dancefloor

Alice & James, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your most incredible day!!


Bride’s Dress: Babushka Ballerina
Bridesmaids Dresses: Mimi Wears Vintage
Bouquets: Haven & Sarah
Hair & Makeup: Imagine Yourself
Groom’s Suit: Briggins
Ceremony Location: Currawong Reserve, Palm Beach
Celebrant: Vanessa Ballard
Ferry: Church Point Ferry
Reception Venue: Avalon Sailing Club
Catering: Dan The Man
Ceremony & Reception Styling: Chasing Arrows

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Danielle & Graham | Wedding

Danielle & Graham were married last year at The Australian Nurses War Memorial Chapel in Little Bay, followed by their reception at St Michael’s Golf Club nearby.

We started the day in Zetland to capture everyone getting ready.

Waterloo Wedding Photographer: Details Waterloo Wedding Photographers: Details Waterloo Wedding Photography: Details Zetland Wedding Photographer: Girls Getting Ready Zetland Wedding Photographers: Girls Getting Ready Zetland Wedding Photography: Girls Getting Ready Timeless Wedding Photographer: Girls Getting Ready

This was a first for me, and one so emotionally charged, I definitely won’t be forgetting. On the way to the ceremony, we stopped by the cemetery for Danielle to visit her grandparents & leave a flower from her bouquet for each of them.

Documentary Wedding Photographer: Bride visiting cemetary Timeless Wedding Photographers: Details Candid Wedding Photography: Boys getting ready Timeless Wedding Photography: Boys getting ready Documentary Wedding Photographers: Boys getting ready Little Bay Wedding Photographer: Little Bay Chapel Little Bay Chapel Wedding Photographer Little Bay Chapel Wedding Photographers: Ceremony Little Bay Chapel Wedding Photography: Ceremony Classic Wedding Photographer: Ceremony Little Bay Wedding Photographer: Ceremony Documentary Wedding Photography: Ceremony Candid Wedding Photographers: Ceremony

After the ceremony, we headed to La Perouse for some portraits, though we were washed out pretty quickly.

La Perouse Wedding Photographer: Portraits Sydney Wedding Photographer: Portraits

Once the rain cleared, we headed back to Little Bay to the golf course for some dramatic portraits on the cliffs.

Little Bay Wedding Photographers: Portraits Sydney Wedding Photographers: Portraits St Michaels Golf Club Wedding Photographer: Reception St Michaels Golf Club Wedding Photographers: Reception

This next part of the reception was the highlight of the day, but there’s a not so small part of me that doesn’t even want to spoil it for anyone who may come across The Three Waiters at an event down the track.

It all started innocently enough, the best man challenging the MC to sing Pavarotti, and his ability to do so is incredible. Just when you think the show is over, the sommelier challenges the MC and they eventually sing a duet. Once again, you think the show is coming to an end, and out of the kitchen comes the chef and he steals the show. It’s one of the most hilarious wedding acts I’ve ever come across, and by now, I’ve been to a lot of weddings.

Three Waiters Wedding Photographer: Reception Three Waiters Sydney Wedding Photographer: Reception St Michaels Golf Club Wedding Photography: Reception Classic Wedding Photographers: Reception

That awkward moment when your son tries to join in with the garter removal hahaha!

Candid Wedding Photographer: Reception Classic Wedding Photography: Reception Fun Wedding Photographer: Reception Fun Wedding Photographers: Reception Fun Wedding Photography: Reception

I always love a good photobooth & these guys were no exception!

Sydney Wedding Photobooth Sydney Open Photobooth Fun Wedding Photobooth Sydney Wedding Photography

After the reception finished, we decided to head to McMahons Point for a few night portraits with a view of the harbour, right in the spot where Graham proposed to Danielle.

Sydney Harbour Wedding Photographer: Night Portraits

Thanks again for choosing me to photograph your wedding.

And a shout out to Ashleigh Hughes for second shooting this wedding with me :)

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12 Apostles

Last year we had the very rare opportunity to attend the wedding of my wonderful friend Sarah as guests! It was down in Geelong, so we took the opportunity to fly down the day before and got for a long drive on the Great Ocean Road all the way to the 12 Apostles.

Surprisingly, a fair stretch of the road is actually through the bush, but I was pretty excited to notice a koala up in the trees. Of course, I’ve seen plenty of koalas in my time at various zoos, but it was actually the first time I managed to see one in the wild…just a shame I didn’t take my full camera kit with me, a zoom lens would have been pretty handy.


I really want to go back again one day for sunrise or sunset (or maybe eve both!), but it’s still a pretty incredible view in the middle of the day.

12 Apostles Photographer 12 Apostles Photographers 12 Apostles Photography

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