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Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life. There is such a feeling of anticipation in the faces of the expectant parents. It’s a joy to both watch & capture. Check out the latest sessions here…

The Shelly Belly 2.0

On Christmas Day in 2009 I launched my business with The Shelly Belly as my first post. My gorgeous sister, 36 weeks pregnant with blog regulars Charlie & Digby.

Now, just over 2 years later, the belly is full again while she’s expecting another one! I can’t wait for the addition of a niece or another nephew and am super excited to be flying up to Alice 2 weeks after her due date to meet and photograph the brand new bub!

So here’s Shelly again, with one on the inside, and the two gorgeous little fellas on the outside :)

Sydney Maternity Photographer: The Shelly Belly

It’s so cute watching Charlie play with her belly. Blowing raspberries, reaching up to touch it, & using it as a rather convenient seat :)

Sydney Maternity Photographers: Michelle, Charlie & DigbySydney Child Photographer: Twins playing in the grass

Digby has recently taken to referring to himself as Bibby (Shell reckons its Bigby, but I can’t hear the g). Anyway, it’s completely adorable!

Sydney Child Photographers: DigbySydney Child Photography: Charlie

The still shot doesn’t really do it justice, but Charlie has a new move, dubbed the Old Man Dance. Really slowly walking, wobbling side to side and flailing his arms about. Very very funny!

Northern Beaches Child Photographer: CharlieSydney Maternity Photography: Pregnant mum with twins

I am just bursting with excitement to meet the little one, and watch the boys become big brothers.

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The Jilly Bean

I met Jill & Cameron for their maternity session in Alice Springs as they are pregnant with their first little bub in February. What struck me most immediately is how much tinier her belly is than the twin carrier Shelly Belly, & she’s only 2 weeks behind…I think my perception of what is normal has been warped. And let’s face it Jill’s belly is pretty cute.

Alice Springs Maternity Photographer: Jill

Alice Springs Maternity Photographers: Jill & Cameron

Alice Springs Maternity Photography: Jill

Sydney Maternity Photographer: Jill

There’s something so intense about Cam’s eyes here I’m sure he can hear something.

Sydney Maternity Photographers: Jill & Cameron

When Jill & Cameron said they wanted to do some shots on their bike I got very excited. I love ideas people :) I had no idea what to expect, but I love how they turned out. The bike doesn’t take over the shots, it’s still about the belly, but it’s a nice accent that is obviously so them!

Sydney Maternity Photography: Jill & Cameron

Northern Territory Maternity Photographer: Jill & Cameron

Jill & Cameron, good luck over the next few weeks, can’t wait to hear news about the little one!

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The Shelly Belly

Hello World…

What better way to start off my brand new blog, than to share the most special photo shoot I’ve ever done.

This beautiful mum to be is my eldest sister. Here, only a few days ago, I photographed her maternity session while she is 36 weeks pregnant with twins. I’m sitting here fingers crossed, hoping that I get to meet these little bubs before I go back home after Christmas.

First of all, the nursery, how sweet is it. All set up, beds made, nappies on the change table, baby monitors plugged in…ready and waiting.

Alice Springs Maternity Photographer: Nursery

Now, onto the good stuff…The Belly.

Alice Springs Maternity Photography: Pregnant with twinsAlice Springs Maternity Photographer: Expectant parents

For me, it’s all about the following photo. Isn’t she gorgeous!!

Sydney Maternity Photographer: Pregnant mother belly portrait

Gosh this next one makes me laugh. I was laughing so much when he did this I nearly missed the shot.

Sydney Maternity Photography: Comparing bumpsSydney Maternity Photographer: Twins

Another change of clothes and a new change of scenery. How amazing are the colours of central Australia!

Sydney Pregnancy Photographer: Sitting in tree

For now, we wait. I so hope I get to meet them this visit.

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