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Alice & James | Engaged

I met up with Alice & James to photograph their engagement session at Clareville for an afternoon of fun by the water. It’s always so nice to hang out with my couples for a few hours and get to know each other better before the wedding. I get to see how you interact as a couple, and you get a beautiful set of images, win-win!

Alice and James are just the sweetest couple ever. James literally leapt into the water at one point to rescue a small child that got knocked over by a wave. Somehow without managing to get himself completely soaked. That’s skill, my friends!

Clareville Engagement Photographer: Alice & James Clareville Engagement Photographers: Alice & James Clareville Engagement Photography: Alice & James Avalon Engagement Photographers: Alice & James

I swear this seagull was following us around all afternoon.

Avalon Engagement Photographer: Alice & James

After a while, we headed north from Clareville to Palm Beach for a few more photos, and to crack a bottle of champagne. Because, why not!

But first, this bougainvillea wall! I was in love. I mean they’re a pain to actually have in your garden because of all the thorns, but to photograph – heaven!

Palm Beach Engagement Photographer: Alice & James Palm Beach Engagement Photographers: Alice & James Palm Beach Engagement Photography: Alice & James

Can’t wait to see the wedding? Check it out straight away!

PS. If you’re wondering about Alice’s gorgeous dress, it’s from Mimi Wears Vintage! These two absolutely nailed couple dressing!

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