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I love Engagement Sessions! It’s the perfect way for you to get to know me and my style of shooting before the big day arrives. Check out the latest sessions here…

Alice & James | Engaged

I met up with Alice & James to photograph their engagement session at Clareville for an afternoon of fun by the water. It’s always so nice to hang out with my couples for a few hours and get to know each other better before the wedding. I get to see how you interact as a couple, and you get a beautiful set of images, win-win!

Alice and James are just the sweetest couple ever. James literally leapt into the water at one point to rescue a small child that got knocked over by a wave. Somehow without managing to get himself completely soaked. That’s skill, my friends!

Clareville Engagement Photographer: Alice & James Clareville Engagement Photographers: Alice & James Clareville Engagement Photography: Alice & James Avalon Engagement Photographers: Alice & James

I swear this seagull was following us around all afternoon.

Avalon Engagement Photographer: Alice & James

After a while, we headed north from Clareville to Palm Beach for a few more photos, and to crack a bottle of champagne. Because, why not!

But first, this bougainvillea wall! I was in love. I mean they’re a pain to actually have in your garden because of all the thorns, but to photograph – heaven!

Palm Beach Engagement Photographer: Alice & James Palm Beach Engagement Photographers: Alice & James Palm Beach Engagement Photography: Alice & James

Can’t wait to see the wedding? Check it out straight away!

PS. If you’re wondering about Alice’s gorgeous dress, it’s from Mimi Wears Vintage! These two absolutely nailed couple dressing!

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Natalie & Luke | Engaged

Natalie & Luke’s engagement session started out in Centennial Park amongst the pine trees, then as the rain got heavier we headed to nearby Paddington Reservoir to take advantage of a bit more cover. Still, it was a lovely relaxed afternoon & the way they look at each other shines through :)

This shoot took a lot of scheduling, but we got there eventually. It was originally booked in for a sunny Saturday back in March last year, but when I very unexpectedly went into labour 11 weeks early, we had to postpone. A few months later after I had my daughter and life settled down, we scheduled it for a weekend in June. But then the makeup artist ended up having her baby too! So when it started raining 3rd time round, there was no stopping us!

Fun fact: You may recognise Natalie as one of Louise’s bridesmaids a few years ago. There is no better testimonial for a photographer than to be hired again in the same family!

Centennial Park Engagement Photographer: Natalie & Luke Centennial Park Engagement Photographers: Natalie & Luke

If you’ve never been to Paddington Reservoir before, it’s definitely worth a little wander inside. It could easily be missed from the street. However, once you walk down the stairs, it’s like a little rustic oasis amidst the bustle of the city.

Paddington Reservoir Engagement Photographer: Natalie & Luke Paddington Reservoir Engagement Photography: Natalie & Luke

Stay tuned for the wedding!

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Sara & Sam | Engaged

Sara & Sam made the trip all the way up from Adelaide to meet me in the lead up to their Fiji wedding. We figured since they had come so far, why not shoot a quickie engagement session on Mona Vale beach after chatting about their day.

This is literally at the end of my street. How lucky am I!! But do I even remotely take advantage of it being right there…not so much. It’s always the way though isn’t it.

We spent the afternoon walking along the beach, up into the dunes, and down along the rock pool with the waves crashing behind.

Sydney Engagement Photographer: Sara & Sam Sydney Engagement Photographer: Sara & Sam

The way these two are with each other is so beautiful to watch. You can just tell straight away they have an amazing connection. It’s almost like their bodies just melt together in the most natural way.

Sydney Engagement Photographer: Sara & Sam

How gorgeous is Mona Vale beach? I mean seriously, I need to get out more :)

Mona Vale Engagement Photographer: Mona Vale Beach Mona Vale Engagement Photographers: Sara & Sam Mona Vale Engagement Photography: Sara & Sam

Sara & Sam, it was such a pleasure to finally get to meet you in person and I can’t wait for the wedding.

** EDIT** Sara & Sam’s incredible Fiji wedding is now up on the blog, so go and check it out. Brace yourselves, it’s gorgeous!

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