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Sara & Sam | Engaged

Sara & Sam made the trip all the way up from Adelaide to meet me in the lead up to their Fiji wedding. We figured since they had come so far, why not shoot a quickie engagement session on Mona Vale beach after chatting about their day.

This is literally at the end of my street. How lucky am I!! But do I even remotely take advantage of it being right there…not so much. It’s always the way though isn’t it.

We spent the afternoon walking along the beach, up into the dunes, and down along the rock pool with the waves crashing behind.

Sydney Engagement Photographer: Sara & Sam Sydney Engagement Photographer: Sara & Sam

The way these two are with each other is so beautiful to watch. You can just tell straight away they have an amazing connection. It’s almost like their bodies just melt together in the most natural way.

Sydney Engagement Photographer: Sara & Sam

How gorgeous is Mona Vale beach? I mean seriously, I need to get out more :)

Mona Vale Engagement Photographer: Mona Vale Beach Mona Vale Engagement Photographers: Sara & Sam Mona Vale Engagement Photography: Sara & Sam

Sara & Sam, it was such a pleasure to finally get to meet you in person and I can’t wait for the wedding.

** EDIT** Sara & Sam’s incredible Fiji wedding is now up on the blog, so go and check it out. Brace yourselves, it’s gorgeous!

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