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Faye & Ming | Elopement

Faye & Ming flew over from Singapore in February to elope in Sydney. We planned for the ceremony to coincide with the sunrise, but the clouds had other ideas. Still, it was incredible to capture their ceremony at Mrs Macquaries Chair amongst the silence of the city.

Mrs Macquaries Chair Wedding Photographer: Faye & Ming

Despite having known each other for years, it was the first time Robyn Pattison & I have worked together. Her ceremonies are so incredibly beautiful!

Mrs Macquaries Chair Wedding Photographers: Faye & MingMrs Macquaries Chair Wedding Photography: Faye & Ming

The best ceremonies are the ones where everyone is doubled over laughing. Certainly more memorable than stiff and solemn. After all, it should be a joyous occasion!

Mrs Macquaries Chair Elopement Photographer: Faye & MingMrs Macquaries Chair Elopement Photographers: Faye & MingMrs Macquaries Chair Elopement Photography: Faye & Ming

After the ceremony, we left Mrs Macquaries Chair and spent another hour or so wandering around the city. From the Botanic Gardens to the Opera House

Botanic Gardens Wedding Photographer: Faye & Ming

The Botanic Gardens are like 100 locations in one. Everywhere you turn, it’s a different backdrop, with a different feeling. I love it.

Botanic Gardens Wedding Photographers: Faye & MingBotanic Gardens Wedding Photography: Faye & Ming

It felt like we were the only people in Sydney who were awake. So peaceful!

Sydney Wedding Photography: Faye & MingSydney Wedding Photographer: Faye & MingSydney Wedding Photographers: Faye & Ming

One thing is for sure, if you’re going to fly all the way to Sydney to elope, you simply must head to the Opera House steps for a few portraits.

Opera House Wedding Photographer: Faye & MingOpera House Wedding Photographers: Faye & Ming

Congratulations Faye and Ming. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the quiet of the morning with you. All the best back in Singapore!

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