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Boy Fender

When Dane & I started drumming up ideas about what we wanted this shoot to look like, I knew from scratch it was going to be a blast. It was!

He wanted a garage session. A real Indy, grungy look as a tribute to how all bands get started. An old row of industrial units set the scene perfectly – although there was a bit of a scramble when the garbage truck came through…


That’s some serious air :) As you can see…he was VERY into it


From the garages, we went for a little drive out of town to really show off the colours of central Australia. Something a bit more relaxed & mellow


The remainder of the shoot is my absolute favourite. We drove out past the Alice Springs airport & set up in the centre of the road. For 30 minutes…not a single car in either direction. Admittedly the solitude was pure luck, we expected to have to move on and off 10 times.


Dane, I’ve said it before, but I seriously had the best time roaming the desert to with you. I hope you love these as much as I do :)

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