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I love taking photos of little kids! They have so much personality and are always unashamedly honest! I love capturing the ride of emotions. The ups, downs and everything in between. Check out the latest sessions here…

Beach Boys

Charlie & Digby came to visit on Sunday at my place in Mona Vale, and after a lovely BBQ picnic in the park, we took them to the beach for their very first time.

I was holding Charlie’s hand as we walked onto the sand and the water came into view. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and he just said aaaaaaawwwww.

It’s so amazing to witness a child discover something for the first time. They’re so full of curiosity, wonder and pure awe.

Digby got a huge fright early on when a wave came up and splashed him, and he spent most of the time perched safely up in Mum’s arms.

Mona Vale Family Photographer: Twins first trip to the beach

Charlie sussed it out, and ultimately decided it was ok. PS they guy in the background with the video camera isn’t some random creep; it’s just The Fisherman :)

Mona Vale Child Photographer: Charlie at the Beach

I’m actually quite surprised Charlie didn’t try to just dive in! He would have his arms forward and back and I’m sure there was a part of him that thought he was making the waves himself…magic!

Newport Family Photographer: Mum & Toddler at beachNewport Child Photographer: Toddlers first beach visit

Love the little dimple :)

Northern Beaches Family Photographer: Toddler staring at the oceanNorthern Beaches Child Photographer: Charlie getting splashed

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A pair of posers

After a whirlwind trip back to NSW to visit some friends & family, Shell & Dean were in Sydney with the twins for one night only!

It’s so amazing to see how much they’ve grown in the 6 months since Christmas. They were just crawling babies…now they’re running! They have so much personality, and are vastly different from each other.

Exhibit A – Digby

Digby is scared of birds, doesn’t like to stray too far from mum, and seems to look at the camera rather cautiously.

Mona Vale Child Photographer: Twins crawling around yard

After tripping over his feet and face planting the concrete, he was rather upset. The pine needles seemed to provide a welcome distraction…

North Shore Child Photographer: Toddler playing in garden

Of course it’s necessary to taste all new toys…and he learned not to do that twice :)

Newport Baby Photographer: Baby eating pines

Exhibit 1 – Charlie

Charlie is an explorer, he’s happy to give cuddles to anyone, and he loves the camera.

Mona Vale Baby Photographer: Toddler running

Such a poser! Oh so casually leaning up against the wall, workin’ it like a pro

Northern Beaches Baby Photographer: Modelling baby

Charlie, you have so many looks :)

Sydney Baby Photographer: Posing toddlerNewport Child Photographer: Charlie sideways

My all-time favourite is the Reverse Toothy Grin!

Northern Beaches Child Photographer: Toothy grinMona Vale Child Photographer: Twins sitting on bench seatSydney Family Photographer: Mum, Dad & Twins

Note: I intentionally labelled them as Exhibits A & 1, as they are separate, but equally important :)

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Shortly before Christmas I spent the afternoon with this gorgeous little family in Kurrajong at the foot of the Blue Mountains

Georgia sure is one fiery little 2 year old. When I sat down with Jo and Phil at the start of session discussing the kind of shots they wanted, Jo said she wanted me to capture Georgia just being two. The ups, the downs and all the craziness in between.

She’s one very determined little girl with a big personality. I was only ever going to get the shots she wanted me to get, but was the whole point. When she spent 10 minutes mowing the pavers, she was in her element! I had a line from Forrest Gump in my head the whole time – wherever she was going, she was runnin’!

Kurrajong Blue Mountains Sydney Child Photographer: 2 year old portraitKurrajong Sydney Child Photographer: Toddler playing in gardenKurrajong Sydney Child Photographer: Toddler running aroundKurrajong Sydney Child Photographer: Toddler picking orangesKurrajong Blue Mountains Sydney Child Photographer: Toddler eating an orange

I love the calm in this next one…

Kurrajong Sydney Child Photographer: Toddler on Dad's shoulders

…it only lasted a moment though :)

Kurrajong Blue Mountains Sydney Child Photographer: Toddler laughingKurrajong Blue Mountains Sydney Child Photographer: Toddler with MumKurrajong Blue Mountains Sydney Child Photographer: Fun family portrait

I think this next one would have to be one of my favourites

Kurrajong Blue Mountains Sydney Child Photographer: Cute toddlerKurrajong Blue Mountains Sydney Child Photographer: Modern family portraitKurrajong Blue Mountains Sydney Child Photographer: Documentary child portraitureKurrajong Blue Mountains Sydney Child Photographer: Toddler kissing MumKurrajong Blue Mountains Sydney Child Photographer: Contemporary outdoor family portrait

Jo & Phil, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you & your gorgeous little girl!

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