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The Treasure Chest

They say that after the wedding, all you have left is the photos. However, that’s not entirely true. Chances are you have dozens of tiny treasures: a handkerchief, the garter, cards from family and friends, the cake topper, a spare wedding invitation and more.

Now, I’m going to be honest…I’m not the type of person to have a huge canvas of my husband and I hanging on the living room wall. Our walls are decorated with paintings we’ve collected from all over the world. I’m also not the type of person to keep my wedding album permanently perched on the coffee table for every visitor to look at. I’m clumsy enough that I’d probably knock a glass of water on it within a week.

But I am a collector. A keeper.

My memories of our wedding day aren’t just visual. They encompass all the senses. Sight, touch, sound, smell, taste.

It’s the boarding passes for our flight to Fiji. Some leftover Fijian notes and coins. A seashell we found beach-combing the morning of the wedding. My something old, new and blue. The silk flower in my hair. The recipe of our favourite Fijian dish.

It’s all in there.

For now, it lives under the bed. Gathering dust. And that’s ok.

It’s not for today. It’s for tomorrow.

It’s for the day, when our children ask about our wedding, and are overwhelmed by the smell of coconut soap when they open the box. It’s for the day when my future granddaughters ask if I have ‘something old’ they can carry on their own wedding day.

The treasure chest is an experience for anyone who delves inside. Each item telling a piece of our story.

What’s in the box?

It starts as a blank canvas.
A divinely handcrafted wooden box, engraved with your names and wedding date
A leather pouch to store your album
8 glass vials to fill with the perfume you were wearing, a dried leaf from your bouquet, the sand beneath your feet and more
A leather wrap to keep your favourite 4×6 prints
10 note cards and envelopes to fill out as your marriage progresses. Perhaps on each anniversary…perhaps on the days your children are born

Plus loads of room to fill with the treasures from your own wedding day.


Each treasure chest is custom made for you. You can choose from 8 species of timber, all equally beautiful. The engraving can be customised to match your the font on your invitations, or even a motif from the day.


As these boxes are manufactured in the USA, and subject to quarantine, please allow between 4-6 weeks from ordering to delivery. Due to shutdowns over the Christmas period, extended timeframes may apply at this time of year.

Please note, these are not limited to future clients, if you’re a past couple of mine & are interested in a treasure chest of your own, be sure to get in touch!