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Queenstown | New Zealand

Today, The Fisherman and I are jetting off to Queenstown in New Zealand to shoot a wedding and take a short break while we’re at it. I’m so excited. I love winter weddings regardless, but this one is going to be a bit extra special. The groom is actually one of The Fisherman’s oldest friends and he’s actually going to be the best man! No pressure right! There have been a few times at friend’s weddings where hubby has tagged along and carried my bags for me, but I’ve never had to actually photograph him properly.

The bridge and groom have rented out an incredible house overlooking all of Queenstown and I’m picturing a week full of snowboarding (extremely cautiously pre-wedding of course!), jet-boating, great food, great friends, late-night jacuzzies and chats by the fire. And the mountains. Oh the mountains!! Absolute bliss!!

Since no post is complete without a photo, here’s one from our last visit to Coronet Peak :)

Hubby and I visited way back in 2008 and spent two weeks traveling all over the South Island in a camper van.

Queenstown New Zealand1

**EDIT** If you’ve stumbled on this page a little more recently, you can check out Dacqmar & Darren’s wedding here!

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