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Jimmy & Summer

Last week, I met Jamie & Marty, along with their gorgeous newborn son Jimmy and 3 year old daughter Summer to capture this new and exciting time in their life.

At the start of the session, Jamie was asking what sorts of outfits she should dress Jimmy in, to which I replied, ‘there’s nothing cuter than a naked baby’.  Jimmy wasn’t consulted in this however, and showed very firm opposition to being naked. I didn’t even get a single shot in. While he was off getting fed and settled, I decided to sit with his big sister Summer, sans camera, to have a bit of a chat so she could get used to me before I took any photos of her. She was sitting in the kitchen at her little kiddies table eating some Vegemite on toast, when I sat down. She looked at me for a few seconds, looked down at her toast, looked at me again and then slid the plate as far away from me as she possibly could. I liked her immediately. No words were necessary. I understood perfectly. I’d have to earn every smile. Challenge accepted.

Once fed & re-dressed, Jimmy was a much more relaxed, but never more so than with mums hand on his belly. It’s amazing what that small touch does for a baby’s sense of security.

Randwick Sydney Newborn Photographer: Nursery toysRandwick Sydney Newborn Photographer: Mum & sleeping newbornRandwick Sydney Newborn Photographer: Smiley babyRandwick Sydney Baby Photographer: Sleeping baby portrait

Summer sat in on her bed and watched me with Jimmy, and I could see she was getting interested. As soon as he was off feeding again, I turned the camera to her and she loved it – especially when I showed her the pictures on screen. She gave me a great bunch of expressions, toothy grins, laugh out loud and pure innocence. When it was time for me to go, she ran over and gave me a hug. I won :)

Randwick Sydney Child Photographer: 3 year old girl portrait

Look at these eyes!!

Randwick Sydney Child Photographer: Little girl with big brown eyesRandwick Sydney Family Photographer: Big sister kissing baby brother

How cute is his spikey hair!!

Randwick Sydney Baby Photographer: Sleeping newborn babyRandwick Sydney Baby Photographer: Baby feet

Once we decided there was enough in the can, we had a last ditch attempt at some naked shots & succeeded!! I think the ones where his arms are behind his head are the most relaxed from the entire shoot. Too cute.

Randwick Sydney Newborn Photographer: Relaxed baby

Jamie & Marty, it was lovely to meet you and your beautiful kiddies. Hope you love these as much as I do!

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  1. Steven April 21, 2012 at 2:12 am #

    The pictures are sweet – I love the post processing you did with the newborn shots. TOOO CUTE!