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Paige’s 21st

Back in December, I photographed the most beautiful 21st birthday party that ever was!

I first met Paige a few years ago when I assisted shooting her brother’s wedding, so I was naturally delighted when Katie (Paige’s sister in law and stylist extraordinaire!) asked if I was interested in heading up the coast for the evening to photograph the party!

When I arrived, I was greeted with details upon details. It was styled to perfection!

Sydney Birthday Photographers: Party SetupSydney Birthday Photography: Place settingsCentral Coast Birthday Photographer: Floral arrangementsCentral Coast Birthday Photographers: DetailsSydney Birthday Photographer: Tablescape

Paige is an avid reader and vintage book collector, so the whole party was styled around the theme. From the place tags, to the centerpieces, to the paper flowers adorning the cake and dessert buffet.

Central Coast Birthday Photography: BooksSydney Event Photographer: Table settingsSydney Event Photographers: Long table

As a tea drinker myself, I was in love with the tea station!

Sydney Event Photography: Tea stationCentral Coast Event Photographer: Vintage tea setCentral Coast Event Photographers: Mason jars in treesCentral Coast Event Photography: Welcome signStyled Shoot Photographer: Drink stationStyled Shoot Photographers: Old fashioned lemonadeStyled Shoot Photography: Chalkboard menuStylist Portfolio Photographer: Dessert buffetStylist Portfolio Photographers: Dessert stationStylist Portfolio Photography: Paper garlandSydney Party Photographer: Dessert tableSydney Party Photographers: Cocktail partySydney Party Photography: Cocktail hourCentral Coast Party Photographer: BuffetCentral Coast Party Photographers: Dinner partyCentral Coast Party Photography: CockailsSydney 21st Photographer: Birthday dinnerSydney 21st Photographers: Dinner partySydney 21st Photography: Candlelit dinner

The candles and fairy lights provided the perfect ambiance for a summer night outside.

Central Coast 21st Photographer: SpeechesCentral Coast 21st Photographers: SpeechesCentral Coast 21st Photography: ToastsSydney Function Photographer: Blowing out birthday candlesSydney Function Photographer: Tablescape

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