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Mary-Kate & Lionel | Engaged

I love it when couples choose to have their engagement session at a place that really means something to them and their story.

After shooting Charntelle & Michael’s elopement at Sunrise, I’ve been hanging to shoot at sunrise more often. Obviously that’s not going to happen too often for weddings, so I threw it out there to Lionel & Mary-Kate as an option for their engagement session.

Initially they weren’t sure what to do or where to go, but once I mentioned sunrise, it just clicked.

We all have a little list in our head of things we should do more often (or at all). Mary-Kate & Lionel always kept meaning to go swimming at Bronte first thing in the morning, but never quite got around to it.

Lionel wanted their engagement day to be special from dawn to dusk. Not just a moment of surprise over dinner, but a whole day filled with wonderful things. So he casually mentioned that they should finally get around to that morning swim at Bronte. Since they’d always talked about it, it didn’t seem like a left field thing to do, and off they went.

The proposal itself didn’t happen until later in the day in another part of the city, but this session is a little nod to the beginning of the day that changed everything :)

I’m so excited for their wedding coming up next month here in Sydney!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I wonder how many newly engaged couples there will be by the morning :)

Here’s a teaser from Mary-Kate & Lionel’s engagement session on Saturday at Bronte Beach. I don’t quite have the full post ready, but couldn’t resist sharing one on this, the most romantic of days!

Sydney Engagement Photographers: Mary-Kate & Lionel at Bronte

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