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Kristyn & Shaun | Engaged

Kristyn & Shaun were married in October, but a we got together a few months before the wedding for their engagement session at Carriageworks, followed by a wander around Sydney Park.

Carriageworks Engagement Photographer: Kristyn & ShaunCarriageworks Engagement Photographers: Kristyn & Shaun Carriageworks Engagement Photography: Kristyn & Shaun Sydney Park Engagement Photographer: Kristyn & Shaun Modern Engagement Photographer: Kristyn & Shaun

Kristyn ~ “We have this thing we do where every time we take selfies, we have to make the most ridiculous faces possible. Is it ok if we do that?” YES. ALWAYS YES.

Sydney Park Engagement Photographers: Kristyn & Shaun

How stunning is Sydney Park! What a gem.

Sydney Park Engagement Photography: Kristyn & Shaun

When photographing couples. I almost never tell people where to put their hands. I want the way you hold each other in the photos, to be how you would hold each other in real life. And everyone is different. There’s something here with Kristyn’s hands that feels so special to me. It’s kind of like a double hug. She’s scrunching him in close to her with her right hand, and yet is so softly holding on with her right. It’s like two stories in one. If I directed them more, this moment probably wouldn’t exist. So if I’ ever photographing you and I go quiet, it’s because I’m letting you do you. I want to see how you are together. That’s what makes these photos really mean something with you look back at them fifty years down the line.

Sydney Engagement Photographer: Kristyn & Shaun

**EDIT** If you’ve discovered this post more recently, you can check out their stunning wedding here. Just wait until you see the bouquet!! It’s crazy beautiful!!

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Caterina & Ade | Engaged

A few weeks ago I photographed Caterina & Ade’s engagement session at Carriageworks and Centennial Park. What made this session a little extra special, is it served a double purpose as a maternity session as well!

We started out at Carriageworks in Eveleigh Railway Workshops for some urban shots. It’s such an incredible place to explore when there’s no one else around. The rustic heritage rescued from the brink of dereliction. So many incredible lines and little vignettes.

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Caterina & Ade at CarriageworksCarriageworks Engagement Photographer: Maternity Engagement SessionCarriageworks Engagement Photographers: Caterina & Ade

There’s pure bliss in the way they look at each other.

Carriageworks Engagement Photography: Couple portraitsSydney Engagement Photographers: Urban engagement session

Marry someone who makes you laugh.

Sydney Engagement Photography: Couple session

A quick outfit change and we headed off for Centennial Park for a completely different look and feel for the remainder of the session.

Centennial Park Engagement Photographer: Maternity portraits

I just love shooting at Centennial Park. There’s so much variety throughout the park and you can get so many different looks in the one place.

Centennial Park Engagement Photography: Bride & Groom

Even amidst all the big smiles and laughing shots, it’s nice to pare it back to little sweet and tender moments like this!

Sydney Engagement Photographer: Romantic portraits

These two are going to be such wonderful parents, I can’t wait to share their wedding.

**EDIT** If you’ve come across this blog post a little more recently, you can check out their gorgeous lunchtime wedding at Balmoral.

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