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Emma & Ross | Wedding

Emma & Ross’ wedding was held a few hours from Sydney in the stunning Capertee Valley at the Glen Davis Boutique Hotel.

The day started perfectly. The sun was shining, the hotel was buzzing with activity with everyone putting together the final touches. Emma making the bouquets, her bridesmaids making the boutonnieres and flowers for their hair. Everyone was relaxed and everything was coming together.

Little did we know what the next few hours would bring. On the way to the church, Emma’s mother became ill & had to be taken by helicopter to a hospital a few hours away, missing the entire wedding. Ultimately they decided to get married as planned (if a little late) and the rest of the day was as joyous and beautiful as any other wedding. There may have been a few extra tear stained cheeks, and the congratulatory hugs a little tighter, but you’d never tell looking at the photos.

It really brought the whole stresses of weddings into perspective for me. As long as your family and friends are safe and healthy, and you get to marry the person you love, the rest is a bonus!

Glen Davis Boutique Hotel Wedding Photographer: Capertee ValleyGlen Davis Boutique Hotel Wedding Photographers: Bride's shoesGlen Davis Boutique Hotel Wedding Photography: Bride's dressGlen Davis Wedding Photographer: Bride making bouquetsGlen Davis Wedding Photographers: Groom getting readyGlen Davis Wedding Photography: Groom holding ringsBathurst Wedding Photographer: Bride doing own makeupBathurst Wedding Photographers: Bride getting dressedBathurst Wedding Photography: Bride walking down the stairs

The ceremony was held in the teeny tiny Glen Alice Church about 10 minutes away.

Glen Alice Wedding Photographer: Ivy covered gateGlen Alice Wedding Photographers: Glen Alice ChurchGlen Alice Wedding Photography: Bride & father walking down the aisleLithgow Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom holding handsLithgow Wedding Photographers: Bride & groom exchanging rings

Emma & Ross planned on something a little extra for the first kiss, with a big dip! In the last few days before the wedding they kept saying, “We must remember to tell Kellee about the kiss” but forgot to mention it beforehand. In a moment of pure serendipity, I was positioned perfectly and he held her in the perfect patch of light from the window :)

Lithgow Wedding Photography: First kissMudgee Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom leaving churchMudgee Wedding Photographers: Bride after ceremony

The sun set as we were driving back to the hotel and we managed to squeeze all the family/bridal party & couple portraits in about 20 minutes of twilight.

Capertee Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom portraits

The canyon backdrop was simply stunning!

Capertee Wedding Photographers: Bride & Groom looking at canyonCapertee Wedding Photography: Bridal portraitsSydney Wedding Photographer: Groom kissing bride on cheekSydney Wedding Photographers: Bride & Groom holding handsMudgee Wedding Photography: Lolly buffetBlue Mountains Wedding Photographer: Glen Davis Boutique HotelBlue Mountains Wedding Photographers: ReceptionBlue Mountains Wedding Photography: Groom & Groomsman during receptionSydney Wedding Photography: Bridal waltz

After the bridal waltz the party kicked off with the band (including the father of the bride!) kitted in sunglasses and hats performing the Blues Brothers soundtrack!

Orange Wedding Photographer: Blues BrothersOrange Wedding Photographers: Blues Brothers Wedding BandOrange Wedding Photography: Reception dancingSydney Wedding Photographer: Reception partyGlen Davis Boutique Hotel Wedding Photographer: Exterior night shot

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Danielle & Dirk | Wedding

Danielle & Dirk are back from their honeymoon so it’s time to share their Mudgee wedding.

Mudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bridal shoesMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Flower girl bouquets

I’m not sure how many people would notice, but you can see in this next photo that Dirk’s wedding ring is a bit worn. He started wearing it the day they bought them because he wanted to show the world he was spoken for. I love it.

Mudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Wedding ring macro

Danielle’s youngest daughter & niece were the flower girls, they looked so sweet :)

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Flower GirlsMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Flower girl bouquets

How amazing does her hair look!!

Mudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bride having hair doneMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bride getting dressed and having makeup doneMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Church external shotsMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Empty church insideMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Church decorations and Reverand before ceremony

Love the tongue :)

Mudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bride putting ring on Groom's fingerMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom first kiss

and the grins!

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom walking happily down the aisle

After a few minutes of congratulations and family photos, I only had about 10 minutes to get a few shots of the newlyweds alone. You don’t necessarily need a few different locations and a couple of hours to get the images you want, sometimes it’s just in the way they look at each other to see how happy they are together. That’s what really counts!

Mudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bride & groom portraits at church door

PS Can you tell Danielle used to be a model? In all the time I’ve known her, she has tried to avoid cameras like the plague. Something changed that day though, and she really started to work it :)

Mudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bride & groom portraits in church gardensMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom portraitsSydney Wedding Photographer: Intimate Bride & Groom portraitMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Relaxed Bride & Groom modern portrait

The reception was in the church hall right behind the church & started pretty much straight after the ceremony. Fortunately though, I was able to spend some time there earlier in the day to get a few detail shots during the setup. The roses on the tables were incredible – they were huge!!

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Reception rose centerpiecesMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom entranceMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Groom speech & speech reactionsMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bridal waltz

This cutting of the cake was perhaps the funniest I’ve ever seen. As they drove the knife in, it started to collapse. I love the expressions on Dirk’s face in this series :)

Mudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom cutting collapsing cake

A local square dance band ‘The Stringybark Band’ kicked in once the tables were cleared and formalities over, and everyone really seemed to get into it!

Mudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Square dancing receptionMudgee NSW Wedding Photographer: Bride & groom farewelling guests

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