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Katie & Adrian | Wedding

I love country weddings. This one was much closer to home than usual though, so I had a super wide smile on my face as I headed west to Forbes on a recent Friday afternoon. While I didn’t know anyone directly, there seemed to be just 1 or 2 degrees of separation with everyone I spoke to :)

Katie & Adrian were married in a small church in the centre of Forbes, before heading to Eat Your Greens in Eugowra for the reception.

I started out with Katie & the girls at their gorgeous old house.

Country Wedding Photographer: Wedding Dress

A super crafty bride, Katie made all the paper goods herself!

Country Wedding Photographers: Wedding StationeryCountry Wedding Photography: Bride's DetailsNSW Wedding Photographer: Bride getting ready

Adrian popped over during the morning and passed a gift to Katie’s dad over the back fence :)

Forbes Wedding Photograper: Bride getting ready

Their gorgeous pups hung around for a few pics before being taken to a kennel for the honeymoon.

Pet Photographer: PuppyForbes Wedding Photographer: MakeupForbes Wedding Photographer: Bridal makeupParkes Wedding Photographer: Groom getting ready

Katie’s present for Adrian was a ‘silent groomsman’. A bottle of muscat, to calm the nerves, plus a watch to get him to the church on time :)

Parkes Wedding Photographer: Groom getting readyForbes Wedding Photographer: Groom getting ready

A little while later, it was back to the girls for the dressing.

Forbes Wedding Photographer: Bride getting readyRustic Wedding Photographer: Bridal portraitCowra Wedding Photographer: Ceremony

Adrian was the antsiest groom I think I’ve ever seen. From checking his watch, clicking his fingers, and even a little hula dance while waiting for Katie to arrive, then the tears started as soon as he caught a glimpse.

Timeless Wedding Photographer: Walking down the aisleTimeless Wedding Photographers: CeremonyTimeless Wedding Photography: CeremonyPhotojournalistic Wedding Photographer: CeremonyPhotojournalistic Wedding Photographers: CeremonyPhotojournalistic Wedding Photography: CeremonyClassic Wedding Photographer: Ceremony

A few quick portraits in town…

Forbes Wedding Photographer: Bride and GroomForbes Wedding Photographers: Bride and GroomForbes Wedding Photography: Bride and GroomClassic Wedding Photographer: Bride and bridesmaid

…before heading bush and shooting in some gorgeous afternoon light!

Eugowra Wedding Photographer: Bridal portraitEugowra Wedding Photographers: Bride and groomEugowra Wedding Photography: Bridal partyCountry Wedding Photographers: Lavender

Eat Your Greens is such a gorgeous venue!

Eat Your Greens Wedding Photography: Function roomEat Your Greens Wedding Photographer: Room stylingEat Your Greens Wedding Photographers: Room detailsEat Your Greens Wedding Photography: Room detailsEat Your Greens Wedding Photographer: VenueRustic Wedding Photographers: Reception

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house (including mine) when Adrian’s grandmother sang for them.

Rustic Wedding Photography: Reception

Sven, the MC, had the room in hysterics with these special gifts to help the pair through their marriage.

Contemporary Wedding Photographers: SpeechesCountry NSW Wedding Photographers: ReceptionContemporary Wedding Photographers: DancefloorModern Wedding Photographer: DancefloorModern Wedding Photographers: Dancefloor

I love when my photobooth props make their way to the dancefloor!

Modern Wedding Photography: DancefloorContemporary Wedding Photographer: Dancefloor

I even made a cameo in the photobooth myself ;)

Wedding PhotoboothEat Your Greens Wedding Photographers: Venue at night

Congratulations Katie & Adrian! I hope you had the best day ever x

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The Shelly Belly 2.0

On Christmas Day in 2009 I launched my business with The Shelly Belly as my first post. My gorgeous sister, 36 weeks pregnant with blog regulars Charlie & Digby.

Now, just over 2 years later, the belly is full again while she’s expecting another one! I can’t wait for the addition of a niece or another nephew and am super excited to be flying up to Alice 2 weeks after her due date to meet and photograph the brand new bub!

So here’s Shelly again, with one on the inside, and the two gorgeous little fellas on the outside :)

Sydney Maternity Photographer: The Shelly Belly

It’s so cute watching Charlie play with her belly. Blowing raspberries, reaching up to touch it, & using it as a rather convenient seat :)

Sydney Maternity Photographers: Michelle, Charlie & DigbySydney Child Photographer: Twins playing in the grass

Digby has recently taken to referring to himself as Bibby (Shell reckons its Bigby, but I can’t hear the g). Anyway, it’s completely adorable!

Sydney Child Photographers: DigbySydney Child Photography: Charlie

The still shot doesn’t really do it justice, but Charlie has a new move, dubbed the Old Man Dance. Really slowly walking, wobbling side to side and flailing his arms about. Very very funny!

Northern Beaches Child Photographer: CharlieSydney Maternity Photography: Pregnant mum with twins

I am just bursting with excitement to meet the little one, and watch the boys become big brothers.

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A Christmas that was Twice as Nice

I’ve been one busy little bee lately, & it’s only now I’ve had a chance to dig a little into the personal files & share a few photos from Christmas out in the central west.

Christmas 2010 was incredibly special, as it was Charlie & Digby’s first one with us (even though they got completely spoiled in 2009 when Shell was 36 weeks pregnant!)

Here’s Digby first thing in the morning – Did someone say Santa?

Mona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: Digby first thing Christmas morning

Charlie, being a complete rabbit. I loooooove this one :)

Mona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: Charlie the muppetMona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: Digby

Their first taste of Christmas ham went down very well.

Mona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: Twins first Christmas hamMona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: 1 year old first ChristmasMona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: Baby's first ChristmasMona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: Baby portraitMona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: 1 year old playing

I wonder who gave them a camera ;)

Mona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: Babies opening Christmas presents

I love watching babies learning to figure new things out.

Mona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: Babies playing

Digby cottoned on to the fact that when someone says ‘Who’s on the phone?’ you have to put it to your ear to find out. Quite hilariously, it didn’t seem to matter what he was holding, even a water bottle at times, or just his bare hand. Very cute.

Mona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: Babies playing with toy phoneMona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: First Christmas dinner

I don’t blame Digby for wanting to take off his crown. Who actually enjoys wearing them?

Mona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: Digby wearing Christmas hat

This was easily the best Christmas in years (not that the others were bad), it’s so much more rich when there’s little ones so amazed by what’s going on around them.

Merry Christmas Charlie & Digby!

PS Congratulations to the twinnies, as they’ve started walking in the past couple of weeks! Aunty Fairy is so proud of you xx

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