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I’m back! After 8 magical nights holidaying in Thailand with The Fisherman, I’m back, refreshed and ready to go again!

We spent the first 4 nights in Krabi & had two days out on the water exploring the little islands off the coast. We took the old longtail boats as something a bit different, unfortunately on the way back from the first trip, about 5 kms from the mainland, we ran out of fuel. Fortunately another boat drove past us after about 10 minutes and was able to spare some :)

The next 4 nights were in Koh Samui, which was a rather pleasant trip down memory lane for me, as we stayed at the same resort as I did in 2007.

I actually did something very strange for me though, I left my camera in the hotel a number of days, and the days I had it with me, I barely took it out. It was actually quite nice to step back and live in the moment rather than constantly capture it.

Still here are a couple of the few shots I did take.

Thailand Wedding Photographer: KrabiThailand Travel Photographer: Krabi Hong IslandDestination Wedding Photographer: Monkey & BuddaThailand Destination Photographer: Frog in a LotusThailand Photographer: Hong Island Longtail Boats

I would absolutely love to photograph a wedding in Thailand! So, if you’re planning on getting married there, get in touch :)

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Friday Flashback #4 | Launceston

Last November The Fisherman & I went to Tasmania for a few days. The hotel we stayed at in Launceston had the most incredible rose garden I’ve ever seen.

Traditionally, I’m not a fan of roses, I’m much more of a Lily girl…but this one took my breath away :)

Tasmania Wedding Photographer: White Rose

I would absolutely love to photograph a wedding in Tasmania! I’m offering a one-time only special to the first couple to book! So get in touch :)

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