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I’m back!!!

After shooting weddings for the last 3 years, it was finally my turn last week.

I had the time of my life. Sharing a week on the Coral Coast of Fiji at our special place with our closest family and friends.

Getting married on the beach just metres from where we got engaged was the perfect way to finish writing one chapter, as we turn the page and start on another.

I’m still in the clouds. Still on Fiji time. Still catching a glimpse of the rings on our fingers and realising it wasn’t just a dream.

Fiji Wedding Photographer: Kellee & Mark at Maui Bay

For those interested in taking a peek at more of the pics, here’s the blog post from my dear friend and photographer Beata English.

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Out of Office

First thing tomorrow morning I’m flying out to Fiji for 7 magical nights as it’s finally my turn to get married!!

I won’t have internet access during that time, and will respond to all emails and phone calls when I return to the office on Monday 14th January.

Thanks for your patience.

Here’s a shot of where we’re headed – Maui Bay!

Fiji Photographer: Maui Bay

Bula :)

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Our Fiji

Have you ever found a place somewhere in another country and felt like they built it just for you.

For us, that place is Maui Palms on Fiji’s Coral Coast.

Here’s the story of our third visit to our special place. Our Fiji.

We walked through the front door and the atmosphere was electric. Not only were we over the moon excited to be back, but everyone at Maui Palms was excited to have us back. Everyone had heard about the “Re-returners”. The first couple to visit for a second time. The only couple to visit for the third time.

We spent 5 minutes catching up with Christine before heading into our villa.

Fiji Travel Photography: Maui Palms Private Villas

The message on the bed almost made me cry.

Fiji Travel Photography: Welcome Home

I sat on the edge of the bed, looking around the room, drinking from a fresh coconut, when I said “It really does feel like coming home doesn’t it?”

He smiled, closed his eyes for a moment and breathed. “I’ve been waiting to come back here, so I could ask you to marry me”

My eyes flooded with tears in an instant and I managed to choke out a Yes.

I wanted to leap forward and throw my arms around him, but I was holding a half full coconut. I became surprisingly fixated on the fact you just can’t put a coconut down without spilling it everywhere.

After soaking it all in for a few minutes and some text messages to our parents and siblings we walked out to tell everyone the exciting news.

Fiji Travel Photography: Engagement Cocktails

We spent the next 2 days lazily walking up and down the beach, kayaking at sunset and snorkeling the reef at the doorstep.

Fiji Travel Photography: Maui Bay JettyFiji Travel Photography: Maui Bay JettyFiji Travel Photography: Coral CoastFiji Travel Photography: Maui Bay

After Deanna & Matthew’s wedding, we returned to Maui Palms for another 3 nights.

Fiji Travel Photography: Maui Bay

The Boy went spearfishing just after dark with Sam & Tay and on our last night, the boys showed us around the nearby village, and cooked up the catch in a coconut shell bonfire in the traditional Fijian way.

Fiji Travel Photography: Local villageFiji Travel Photography: FishFiji Travel Photography: The Boy with Sam & TayFiji Travel Photography: Coconut firewoodFiji Travel Photography: Beach bonfireFiji Travel Photography: Fish in banana leavesFiji Travel Photography: Beach bonfire

So that’s Our Fiji. My words don’t do it justice at all, but I can only hope that someone reading this decides they want to visit Maui Palms too one day.

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