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Pip & Mick | Engaged

This Spring has been incredible so far, and we’re only half way through! A couple of weeks ago, on my way home from Chris & Rachael’s wedding, I stopped in Bathurst for Pip & Mick’s engagement session.

We started out in the gardens of Miss Trail’s Cottage.

Miss Trails Cottage Wedding Photographer: Pip & Mick

Love wisteria!

Miss Trails Cottage Wedding Photographers: Pip & MickSofala Wedding Photographer: Pip & MickSofala Wedding Photographers: Pip & MickSofala Wedding Photography: Pip & MickCountry Wedding Photographer: Pip & MickCountry Wedding Photographers: Pip & Mick

We then headed to Annie’s Ice Cream Parlour for the best ice cream in the world. Seriously people, it’s worth the 3 hour drive for this alone!

Bathurst Wedding Photographer: Pip & MickBathurst Wedding Photographers: Pip & MickBathurst Wedding Photography: Pip & Mick

Stay tuned for their wedding, coming soon!

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