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Majella Ray

Last weekend I headed to Alice Springs to spend a few wonderful days with my family, catch up with some friends as well as squeeze in a few sessions for some of my lovely clients. The biggest drawcard however was to meet my beautiful newborn niece, Majella for the very first time!

Before I get into the photos of the little beauty, here’s a hilarious outtake from the session. After a few initial shots, I asked Shell to strip Majella naked (coz we all know there’s nothing cuter than a nakie baby) – while she was getting settled, Charlie & Digby both proceeded to strip themselves naked and pose on the cushion :)

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Charlie doing newborn pose

Without further ado, Majella.

Alice Springs Newborn Photographer: MajellaSydney Baby Photographer: Gorgeous newbornSydney Newborn Photographer: 2 weeks oldSydney Newborn Photographers: Majella

Special thanks to my brother in law Dean for this last photo of Majella & I at our family picnic in the park. I love it!

Sydney Newborn Photography: Kellee & Majella

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I absolutely love colourful photographs, but there’s something about this baby session that made me want to show it all in black & white. The eyes!

I photographed this brand new family on my recent trip to Alice Springs. Emma, Darryl & their little girl Michelle.

At only 2 months old Michelle had the most beautiful deep brown eyes that were almost black!! I know all babies are born with blue eyes, but I didn’t realise they changed so quickly…

Sydney Baby Photographer: Mother with daughter in arms

Little feet get me every time!

Alice Springs Newborn Photographer: Newborn feet

She just stares right through you.

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Michelle

Michelle had a big long sleep before the shoot, which on one hand made for a very content bub…but when I wanted a few sleepy shots she just kept flashing those eyes. We got there, even if only for 30 seconds :)

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Father rocking baby to sleep

There’s nothing like a little one holding on to daddy’s finger. It’s like she has her whole world in her hands.

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Baby holding dad's finger

OK, so they’re not all black & white. This one just makes me smile every time. She looked like she was going to start crawling there an then, despite only being two months old!

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Happy baby on belly

Emma & Darryl, your little girl is absolutely adorable! I wish you all the best.

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The cutest twinnies ever!!

This post is very special. Very very special!!! You see, these 2 gorgeous bubbas are my little twin nephews. Remember the maternity session with my sister?? Well, here’s what was inside that massive belly…

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Birthday teddy bears

Meet Digby…the devious and cheeky one

Sydney Baby Photographer: 3 month old baby boy

and Charlie…the very serious one (he’s not always quite this serious, but I love the look)

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Grumpy baby

You wouldn’t believe the effort that went into buying a few spares of Digby’s Lamby. A joint effort across 3 states and at least 5 Best & Less stores before finally coming up with the goods. He’d better not get over it & move onto another toy ;)

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Babies playing on toy mats

For some unknown reason, Digby HATED bath time for a few days. Charlie didn’t seem to mind, but I think was a little surprised I was taking pictures

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Babies in bathMona Vale Sydney Baby Photographer: 3 month old twinsAlice Springs Baby Photographer: At home family photo session

You’ve got to love Charlie’s Mohawk :)

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Twin brothers

How lucky are these boys, this is virtually their backyard!! I love Alice Springs

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Family portrait - Mum, dad & twin boys

Lastly, because I’m constantly reminded there’s not a photo of me on the site at all (I’ll be taking care of that a little more officially in the next few weeks!!!!) here’s one my sister took of me with the boys at the airport just before I had to get on the plane to head back home to Sydney.

Alice Springs Baby Photographer: Me & my twin nephews

Charlie & Digby, you both completely stole my heart. I miss you every day!

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