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Levi & Zoe | Family Portraits

Today we have the super fun lifestyle session of the insanely adorable Levi & Zoe along with their incredibly lovely parents. We spent time playing in the sand and watching (and running from!) the waves at Palm Beach, huge tickles, tricycle riding and watching the sunset over Pittwater in a teepee.

Palm Beach Family Photographer: Levi & Zoe Palm Beach Family Photographers: Levi & Zoe Sydney Lifestyle Photographer: Levi & Zoe

Zoe has the most beautiful head of hair I’ve ever seen!

Sydney Lifestyle Photographers: Levi & Zoe Sydney Family Photography: Levi & Zoe Palm Beach Family Photography: Levi & Zoe

Could this family be any cuter?

Sydney Family Photographers: Levi & Zoe Sydney Lifestyle Photography: Levi & Zoe

The anticipation above, and the biggest tickle ever below!

Sydney Portrait Photography: Levi & Zoe Sydney Portrait Photographer: Levi & Zoe Sydney Portrait Photographers: Levi & Zoe Sydney Family Photographer: Levi & Zoe

Good friends Morgan & Katie were on hand for a bit of kid wrangling so Katty & Luke could have a few portraits of themselves as a couple.

Sydney Couple Photographer: Levi & Zoe Sydney Couple Photographers: Levi & Zoe Sydney Couple Photography: Levi & Zoe

Thanks for a super fun afternoon! Hopefully we can do it all again some day now that baby number three has arrived :)

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Shirley & Wilson | Engaged

Shirley & Wilson got married on Saturday & it what was one massive celebration! But first I need to introduce them through their engagement session from last year. You may even recognise Shirley as one of Jasmine & Ivan’s bridesmaids.

It’s no secret I love sunrise. It’s such a magical time of day. You have the beach almost completely to yourselves. The light is so soft and beautiful.

We started out the session at Palm Beach, before climbing up Mona Vale headland to take in one of the best views in town.

Despite clear skies overhead, the horizon was quite dark and ominous looking, which meant the sun took a lot longer to rise than expected. But oh was it worth it!

Sunrise Engagement Photographer: Shirley & WilsonModern Engagement Photographer: Shirley & WilsonModern Engagement Photographers: Shirley & WilsonModern Engagement Photography: Shirley & WilsonNorthern Beaches Engagement Photographer: Shirley & WilsonSunrise Engagement Photographers: Shirley & WilsonSydney Engagement Photographer: Shirley & WilsonNorthern Beaches Engagement Photographers: Shirley & WilsonSunrise Engagement Photography: Shirley & WilsonMona Vale Engagement Photographer: Shirley & WilsonMona Vale Engagement Photographers: Shirley & WilsonMona Vale Engagement Photography: Shirley & WilsonMona Vale Headland Engagement Photographer: Shirley & WilsonThe Basin Engagement Photographer: Shirley & Wilson

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Laura & Josh | Engaged

Laura & Josh are getting married in just over a month at the end of November and I can’t wait. I was up bright and early on Saturday morning for their sunrise engagement session at Palm Beach and Pittwater.

The setting could not have been more perfect. Barely a cloud in the sky, the air was warm, hardly anyone around. Perfectly relaxed and peaceful.

Northern Beaches Wedding Photographer: Sunrise engagement session

The colours of the morning sky were just divine.

Dunes Wedding Photographers: Laura & JoshBeach Wedding Photography: Couple walking along beachBeach Engagement Photographer: Sunrise

I followed them from the beach around to the rock pool on the southern end of the beach.

Palm Beach Engagement Photographers: Rock poolPalm Beach Engagement Photography: Laura & Josh at sunriseNorthern Beaches Wedding Photographer: Sunrise engagement session at Palm BeachNorthern Beaches Wedding Photographers: Palm BeachBoat House Wedding Photography: Couple portraitsSydney Wedding Photographer: Laura & Josh Sydney Wedding Photographers: Palm Beach WharfSydney Wedding Photography: Wharf Engagement session

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