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Edwina & Michael | Wedding

Edwina & Michael were married on a beautiful but stormy day at Cremorne Point, followed by a reception at the Public Dining Room in Balmoral.

I started the morning with the girls getting ready at Edwina’s family home in Pymble. How stunning is the bouquet by My Violet.

Turramurra Wedding Photographer: Bride's details Turramurra Wedding Photographers: Bride's details Turramurra Wedding Photography: Bride's detailsPymble Wedding Photographer: Bride getting ready

Now the ceremony is where things get interesting. With dark stormy clouds ominously approaching, and by some miracle everyone arriving early, the ceremony went ahead about 15 minutes early. And it was perhaps the most beautifully timed decision, as it began bucketing down within minutes of the ceremony finishing.

We had planned to spend some time afterwards taking portraits around Cremorne Point, but with the weather being as it was, we decided to head straight to Balmoral ahead of the reception in the hopes that the weather may have cleared. As luck would have it, it did!

Cremorne Point Wedding Photographer Cremorne Point Wedding Photographers: Sydney skyline Cremorne Point Wedding Photography: Groom getting ready Cremorne Wedding Photographer: Bride walking down the aisle Cremorne Wedding Photographers: Ceremony Cremorne Wedding Photography: Ceremony Neutral Bay Wedding Photographer: Ceremony Balmoral Pier Wedding Photographer: Bridal party portraits Balmoral Wedding Photography: Bridal party portraits Balmoral Pier Wedding Photographers: Portraits Balmoral Wedding Photographer: Portraits Balmoral Pier Wedding Photography: Portraits Balmoral Wedding Photographers: Portraits Balmoral Beach Wedding Photographer: Portraits

It’s always such a pleasure to shoot at Public Dining Room :)

Public Dining Room Wedding Photographer: Reception details Public Dining Room Wedding Photographers: Reception details Public Dining Room Wedding Photography: Reception details Balmoral Beach Wedding Photographers: Cocktail hour Balmoral Beach Wedding Photography: Cocktail hour

As the cocktail hour was winding up, we headed outside for a few more portraits at dusk. The sky was incredible!

Contemporary Wedding Photographer: SunsetElegant Wedding Photographer: Sunset portraits Elegant Wedding Photographers: Sunset portraits Contemporary Wedding Photographers: Reception Contemporary Wedding Photography: Reception Elegant Wedding Photography: Reception Modern Wedding Photographer: Reception Fun Wedding Photographer: Dancefloor Fun Wedding Photographers: Dancefloor Fun Wedding Photography: Dancefloor Modern Wedding Photographers: Farewell

Eddy & Michael, it was such a pleasure to share your day with you x

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Caterina & Ade | Wedding

Caterina & Ade’s last month was held on a glorious Sydney morning and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph. You might remember them from their engagement session a few weeks prior.

Fine Art Wedding Photographer: Letterpress InvitationsFine Art Wedding Photographers: Clutch & RingModern Wedding Photographer: Bridal makeupElegant Wedding Photography: Flowergirl hair

Love this dress!!

Fine Art Wedding Photography: Wedding dress

The flowers were by Courtney Grace and were absolutely stunning.

Timeless Wedding Photographer: BouquetElegant Wedding Photographers: Flowergirl makeupModern Wedding Photographers: Bride getting ready

The ceremony was held at the chapel at Santa Sabina College in Strathfield.

Strathfield Wedding Photographer: Church detailsStrathfield Wedding Photographers: Groom waiting for bride

Flowergirls don’t always love their job :)

Strathfield Wedding Photography: Bride walking down aisleTimeless Wedding Photographers: Giving bride awayCatholic Wedding Photographer: Catholic ceremonyCatholic Wedding Photographers: CeremonyCatholic Wedding Photography: Bride & Groom holding hands during ceremonySydney Catholic Wedding Photographer: Blessing ringSydney Catholic Wedding Photographers: First kissSydney Catholic Wedding Photography: Walking down the aisle

So much joy!

Inner West Wedding Photographer: Congratulatory hugs after ceremonySydney Wedding Photojournalist: FlowergirlsInner West Wedding Photographers: Hugs

After the ceremony, we headed to Balmoral for the lunchtime reception, but before heading in, we spent a few minutes on the pier.

Balmoral Wedding Photographer: Couple portraitsSydney Wedding Photographers: Bridal portraitsBalmoral Wedding Photographers: Bridal party portraits

These two make one gorgeous couple!

Balmoral Wedding Photography: Couple portraitsTimeless Wedding Photography: Bouquet

The reception was held at the Public Dining Room on the Esplanade at Balmoral.

Public Dining Room Wedding Photographer: Reception details

Homemade Fig Jam and potted succulents made up the favours. I love little details outside the box.

Public Dining Room Wedding Photographers: Reception detailsPublic Dining Room Wedding Photography: Table detailsBalmoral Public Dining Room Wedding Photographer: Floral arrangementsBalmoral Public Dining Room Wedding Photographers: Entering receptionBalmoral Public Dining Room Wedding Photography: Kiss the bride

What a view!

Mosman Wedding Photographer: Reception viewSydney Wedding Photojournalists: Reception candidsNorth Shore Wedding Photography: Reception candidsSydney Wedding Photojournalism: SpeechesMosman Wedding Photographers: Speech reactionsMosman Wedding Photography: SpeechesLunchtime Wedding Photographer: Speech reactionsElegant Wedding Photographer: Groom speechLunchtime Wedding Photographers: Bridal waltzContemporary Wedding Photographer: DancingModern Wedding Photography: Prop dancingContemporary Wedding Photographers: Reception dancingContemporary Wedding Photography: PartyFun Wedding Photographer: Giant microphoneLunchtime Wedding Photographers: Kids dancingFun Wedding Photographers: Packed dancefloorFun Wedding Photography: PartyBalmoral Beach Wedding Photographer: View

At the end of the reception, a water taxi arrived to take them to their hotel in the city. The sun was just beginning to set and the light looked incredible. Caterina & Ade asked me if I wanted to join them for the ride and take a few more portraits and I jumped at the chance. The results were amazing!

Balmoral Beach Wedding Photographers: Leaving receptionBalmoral Beach Wedding Photography: Water taxi exitSydney Harbour Wedding Photographer: Sunset portraitsSydney Harbour Wedding Photographers: Sunset kissSydney Wedding Photographer: Couple portraitsSydney Harbour Wedding Photography: Bridal portraitsSydney Wedding Photography: Bride & Groom portraitsThe Rocks Wedding Photographer: City portraitsThe Rocks Wedding Photographers: Circular quay portraitsThe Rocks Wedding Photography: Harbour portraits

Congrats Caterina & Ade & all the best for your pending arrival!

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Lence & Chris | Wedding

Lence & Chris got married just a couple of weeks ago in one of the most intimate ceremonies I’ve photographed to date, just the couple and their 17 guests.

The ceremony was held at the Uniting Church in Vaucluse, followed by a lunch time reception at the Public Dining Room in Balmoral.

Vaucluse Wedding Photographer: Uniting ChurchVaucluse Wedding Photographers: Aisle bouquetsVaucluse Wedding Photography: Uniting church

Lence surprised herself at how emotional she was walking down the aisle, I got a little choked up just watching.

Eastern Suburbs Wedding Photographer: Bride & father walking down the aisleEastern Suburbs Wedding Photographers: Lence & ChrisEastern Suburbs Wedding Photography: Ring exchangeVaucluse Wedding Photographer: Kiss the bride

We spent just 10 minutes out on the boardwalk for a few couple portraits before the reception started.

Balmoral Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom portraitsBalmoral Wedding Photographers: Bridal portraitsSydney Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom holding handsBalmoral Wedding Photography: Waterfront weddingSydney Wedding Photographers: Balmoral Public Dining RoomMosman Wedding Photographer: CakePublic Dining Room Wedding Photographer: Lunchtime ReceptionPublic Dining Room Wedding Photographers: Intimate WeddingPublic Dining Room Wedding Photography: ToastSydney Wedding Photography: SpeechesMosman Wedding Photographers: Balmoral

Congratulations Lence & Chris! It was a delight to share your special day with you. All the best with the imminent arrival :)

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