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An ugly duckling project

After having a few days away with the family for Christmas, I locked myself, The Fisherman & my visiting parents down for a week in an attempt to get all the finishing touches ticked off the renovation we started back in July on our new place in Mona Vale. I am most pleased to announce that the bathroom is 100% done and dusted!!!

It had been sitting at about 80% complete for about 4 months – the tiling was all finished, the shower and bath both did what baths and showers do, but in that time I’ve had no light, mirror, running water to the basin, towel rails or a number of other little things that people generally take for granted.

The project certainly wasn’t without its dramas too…the loo I originally bought didn’t fit, the vanity basin was virtually impossible to connect. There were no less than 16 different pipes, joiners, reducers and all kinds of things to get the water from the plug down through the under size hole in floor (and about a dozen plumbing store guys that didn’t believe me and were less than helpful in my search for said pieces). Not to mention the vanity top that cracked in two on New Year’s Day and hours of searching the net for someone that will actually sell just a top.

Yesterday I rewarded myself with a mini shopping spree buying all new towels with my Christmas present gift cards, and finally unwrapped a set of shampoo & conditioner bottles I bought from the resort I stayed at in Thailand in 2007!

In order to appreciate the after photo, you first need to see how ugly it was, and just how much we tore it apart (PS the old ceiling came down, so it got worse than this)

Mona Vale Photographer: Bathroom Renovation - Before

And now the after :)

I could have waited for another brighter day to take this, but I was a tad excited and couldn’t wait to share!

Mona Vale Photographer: Bathroom Renovation - After

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Welcome Home

If you’ve been following the blog for the last few months, you’ll have noticed I’ve mentioned a few times that I recently purchased my first apartment and have spent a fair bit of time renovating. While there’s still a bit of work to go in some rooms, the office is now 99% done (just need to relocate the data point).

I wanted to have an office space that was dedicated almost entirely to my business. A space that just says ‘Kellee’ when you walk in. It’s a place I can invite clients to view their photos & get hands on with all of my samples. Most of all, it’s a place I WANT to spend 8 hours a day, and not be tempted by the TV in the next room.


Mona Vale Photographer: Office Renovation - Before

And after…

Mona Vale Photographer: Office Renovation - AfterMona Vale Photographer: Office Renovation - After

I’m so completely smitten in here. I love my job :)

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