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Georgie & Justin | Surprise Wedding

Georgie & Justin’s engagement party was like no other. It all started seemingly innocent enough, everything set up for a gorgeous lunch at Moby Dicks in Whale Beach. But while everyone was milling around chatting, Georgie snuck off upstairs to get changed for the big reveal. You see, this engagement party wasn’t an engagement party at all, it was a surprise wedding!

**Before I go any further, I felt like I should add that I knew about the surprise right from their initial enquiry, and if you’re thinking of planning a surprise wedding, it’s really important that all your vendors are in on it.**

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To help keep the surprise a secret for as long as possible, Georgie was dressed more casually, to begin with, and mingling with the crowd as they arrived.

Sydney Engagement Party Photographers: Pre Ceremony Sydney Engagement Party Photography: Pre Ceremony

After a short while, a select few in on the secret helped Georgie get changed in the office upstairs.

Secret Wedding Photographer: Getting Ready Secret Wedding Photographers: Getting Ready Documentary Wedding Photographer: Getting Ready

Then Justin made the shock announcement. Surprising everyone, especially his mother :)

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After the lunch was over, we make the short trek down to the beach for a few portraits.

Whale Beach Wedding Photographer: Portraits Timeless Wedding Photography: Portraits Whale Beach Wedding Photographers: Portraits Whale Beach Wedding Photography: Portraits

Congratulations Georgie & Justin, and well done on the perfectly executed surprise!

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