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K & P | Wedding

For the whole month of March I had the pleasure of second shooting weddings with the delightful Caspix as she nears the final stages of her pregnancy. First up, is K & P with their Sydney city wedding at ECQ Bar.

Surry Hills Wedding Photographer: Bride having makeup done

I loved her knee length dress from Alannah Hill

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Bride's dress hanging in doorGlebe Wedding Photographers: Wedding ring & boutonierreGlebe Wedding Photographery: Bride getting readyCandid Wedding Photography: Bride getting readySydney Wedding Photographer: Bride pinning boutonniere on father

While the groom was getting ready, he realised he didn’t actually know how to tie a tie…either did his mother…and his father couldn’t quite remember, but together they got there in the end.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography: Groom getting readySydney Wedding Photographer: Groom getting ready

They decided to do a ‘First Look’ and have all the portraits out of the way before the ceremony. I think it was killing him hearing her heels coming up behind him and not yet being able to turn around.

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Groom waiting for brideFirst Look Wedding Photographers: First look moment

I love the way they’re checking each other out

First Look Wedding Photography: Bride & Groom during first lookSydney Wedding Photography: First lookModern Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom portraitsModern Wedding Photography: Bride's bouquetRomantic Wedding Photographer: First lookModern Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom portraitsThe Rocks Wedding Photographer: Bride & father walking down the aisleSydney Wedding Photographer: Exchange of rings

The expression on the minister’s face completely makes this shot for me :)

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Kiss the bride

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Bride & Groom just marriedThe Rocks Wedding Photographers: Bride & Groom after ceremony

After the ceremony, the entire group walked together from The Rocks across Circular Quay to the ECQ Bar for the cocktail reception.

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Wedding party walking through the streets

ECQ Bar Wedding Photographer: Cocktail reception

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken night shots in the city, so I took the opportunity to get a few landscape shots as I walked back to my car. The sky was quite magic just after dusk.

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Opera House

Thanks again to Casandra from Caspix for inviting me to shoot with you. Everyone should check out her shots from the day here.

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Friday Flashback #1 | Sydney

Over the years I’ve done a lot of traveling, so naturally I have thousands of photos in my back catalogue. I wanted to start sharing some of them one by one every now and then on a Friday with a Friday Flashback. First up, we have one from Sydney!

Sydney’s Vivid festival was on again a week or two ago, so I thought I’d start off with sharing one from last year’s event. OK, so I didn’t really travel far for this one, but it felt timely :)

My friend Sarah came to town for the June long weekend & we’d organised to climb the harbour bridge. It’s funny how long you can live somewhere and never get around to doing the touristy things on your own turf! Anyhoo…we spent the night in the city because we were climbing at dawn and discovered this incredible sight when we walked down to The Rocks for dinner.

There seemed to be a thousand photographers down there (all somehow in the know!), so I didn’t feel like a complete tourist thankfully.

I love coming across this sort of thing :)

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Sydney Opera House Vivid Festival

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