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12 Apostles

Last year we had the very rare opportunity to attend the wedding of my wonderful friend Sarah as guests! It was down in Geelong, so we took the opportunity to fly down the day before and got for a long drive on the Great Ocean Road all the way to the 12 Apostles.

Surprisingly, a fair stretch of the road is actually through the bush, but I was pretty excited to notice a koala up in the trees. Of course, I’ve seen plenty of koalas in my time at various zoos, but it was actually the first time I managed to see one in the wild…just a shame I didn’t take my full camera kit with me, a zoom lens would have been pretty handy.


I really want to go back again one day for sunrise or sunset (or maybe eve both!), but it’s still a pretty incredible view in the middle of the day.

12 Apostles Photographer 12 Apostles Photographers 12 Apostles Photography

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Melbourne, Gemma & Some Cute Little Boxes

Back in May I saw an ad on TV that excited me more than any ad in my entire life excited me. Tim McGraw was coming to Australia…tickets on sale the next week. Being the country girl I am (the Bogan River literally runs through my home town!) I squealed like a 14 year old and begged The Fisherman to go with me. I think he was embarrassed enough at my outburst in the privacy of our own home that there was no way he was going with THAT Kellee anywhere.

So I called my sister in Brisbane to see if she’d come too, to which she said yes, but where? The Brisbane concert was a Thursday, Sydney a Tuesday…so we decided to make a weekend of it & head to Melbourne instead for the Sunday one!

Having never really been to Melbourne before, I decided to recruit a local to show me the sights & asked fellow photographer Gemma Carr if she’d like to go on a photo safari with me. I was so excited when she said yes :)

One of my favourite things about being a photographer is getting to know all the other awesome photographers out there. Gemma is quite possibly the cutest person in the world. One day she tweeted that I made her smile so big her ears moved upwards! If you’ve ever met Gem in person, you’ll know that’s a huge compliment coz this gal doesn’t stop smiling!!

We spent the first few hours at the Brighton Beach Boxes. I so wish we had a location like this in Sydney…they’re so fun!

Brighton Beach Melbourne Portrait Photographer: Melbourne skylineBrighton Beach Melbourne Portrait Photographer: Brighton Beach Boxes

Without further ado, I give you Miss Gem!

Brighton Beach Melbourne Portrait Photographer: Gemma CarrBrighton Beach Melbourne Portrait Photographer: PadlockBrighton Beach Melbourne Portrait Photographer: ThornsBrighton Beach Melbourne Portrait Photographer: Gemma Carr portraitsBrighton Beach Melbourne Portrait Photographer: Gemma CarrBrighton Beach Melbourne Portrait Photographer: Brighton Beach BoxesBrighton Beach Melbourne Portrait Photographer: Gemma Carr HeadshotBrighton Beach Melbourne Portrait Photographer: Wildflowers

Thanks for hanging out with me all morning Gem; it was so great to finally meet you in person :)

PS The concert was so good I actually cried with delight!

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The Great Ocean Road

Back in April when I flew down to Victoria to photograph Marty & Liza’s wedding, I decided to take the scenic route to Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road. This drive is one I’ve always wanted to do (and most Australian’s for that matter), so I jumped right on the opportunity when I had it :)

Great Ocean Road Photographer: LookoutGreat Ocean Road Photographer: Lighthouse

At some point I’m going to have to do it all again, as there’s so much more to see further along the way!!

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