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Vivid Sydney

A few weeks ago I spent the evening roaming around the city taking some photos of the Vivid Sydney festival of light.

The Opera House is always a show stopper with crowds lining the foreshore.

Sydney Photographer: Vivid FestivalSydney Wedding Photographers: Opera HouseSydney Wedding Photography: Opera HouseSydney Vivid Photographer: Opera House

After watching the complete cycle of the Opera House, I went wandering around The Rocks and Circular Quay. This is what I found…

Sydney Vivid Photographers: The RocksSydney Vivid Photography: The Rocks

Customs House comes a close second :)

Sydney Vivid Festival Photographer: Customs HouseSydney Vivid Festival Photographers: Customs HouseSydney Vivid Festival Photography: Customs HouseSydney Vivid Light Festival Photographer: Customs House

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Friday Flashback #1 | Sydney

Over the years I’ve done a lot of traveling, so naturally I have thousands of photos in my back catalogue. I wanted to start sharing some of them one by one every now and then on a Friday with a Friday Flashback. First up, we have one from Sydney!

Sydney’s Vivid festival was on again a week or two ago, so I thought I’d start off with sharing one from last year’s event. OK, so I didn’t really travel far for this one, but it felt timely :)

My friend Sarah came to town for the June long weekend & we’d organised to climb the harbour bridge. It’s funny how long you can live somewhere and never get around to doing the touristy things on your own turf! Anyhoo…we spent the night in the city because we were climbing at dawn and discovered this incredible sight when we walked down to The Rocks for dinner.

There seemed to be a thousand photographers down there (all somehow in the know!), so I didn’t feel like a complete tourist thankfully.

I love coming across this sort of thing :)

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Sydney Wedding Photographer: Sydney Opera House Vivid Festival

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